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Stay Young America!

Aug 2, 2021

Do you have celery in your fridge right now? Well, you should. This is Judy Gaman and this is your Stay Young America Medical Minute. Today’s tip is all about the health benefits of celery. I know, I know, it’s is one of those foods that you either love or you hate. Hopefully, if you’re a hater this tid bit of information is going to turn you around. Celery is extremely high in antioxidants and helps ward off cancer. There is also strong evidence that it lower’s blood pressure due to its naturally containing phytonutrients. Celery is also very high in fiber so it’s great for your digestive system. Still not hooked – wait there’s more – eating celery makes you excrete pheromones. You may remember that pheromones are the chemicals that make you attractive to the opposite sex. Oh yeah – who’s putting celery on their shopping list now!  This Stay Young America! Medical Minute is brought to you by Executive Medicine of Texas, a leader in preventative and proactive medicine. Learn why patients from around the globe trust Executive Medicine of Texas to their health. Visit that’s