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Stay Young America!

Oct 13, 2021

If you've suffered loss, then you know it can be challenging to get back in the game and find the beauty in life again. Today we've got a treat for you as Kelsey Chittick, a writer, comedian, podcast host, a nd the widow of NFL Superbowl Champion, Nate Hobgood-Chittick, shares insights from her new book Second Half: Surviving Loss and Finding Meaning in the Missing

1:30 What was your household like growing up?

2:41 'Keep On' Podcast

4:43 How did your life change in November 2017?

6:44 What happened to Nate?

10:00 Medical focus on athletes 

14:20 Vasectomy story

17:50 Laughing through grief

20:17 Finding joyful traditions surrounding death

28:00 Can you help your grieving child?


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Instagram: @kelseychittick


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