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Stay Young America!

Feb 11, 2021

What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine.

(0:58) How the vaccine was developed so quickly

(5:15) Personal experiences with the vaccine and why the second dose tends to be worse than the worse.

(7:13) How to battle arm pain from the injection

(8:00) Burst of energy after the injection

(9:40) Efficacy of both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

(11:17) Forgetting about other illnesses that existed before COVID, during, and will be here after COVID

(12:17) mRNA vaccines- how they work

(18:45) Sleep aiding vaccine immunity

(21:00) Vitamin D level plays a role in surviving COVID

(23:00) Two doses vs one dose- what's better for the population?

(24:30) Fist Bump VS Handshakes

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