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Stay Young America!

Jan 23, 2023

Bio: Faust A. Ruggiero’s professional career spans almost 40 years, and is diversified and compelling, as it has consistently established new and exciting cutting-edge counseling programs in its pursuit of professional excellence and personal life enhancement. He is a published research author, clinical trainer, and a therapist who has worked in settings that have included clinics for deaf children, prisons, nursing homes, substance abuse centers, inpatient facilities, major corporations, both national and international, and as the President of the Community Psychological Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania. In that capacity, he developed the Process Way of Life counseling program, and has developed it into a formal text presented in the Fix Yourself Handbook.


2:00 Why mental health

6:00 How to seal with stress

10:15 Depression

11:30 Grief

12:50 The Earth has everything that we need

16:00 The quick fix isn’t working

19:30 How long does it take to adapt?

22:00 Stop swallowing the crowd

24:00 More days off!!!

25:00 Nuclear Family


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