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Stay Young America!

Jan 1, 2020

Title: ““Increased Productivity and Achieving Peak Performance by Living Your Best Life”

Guest: Gary Epler 

Main Segment

Gary Epler author of Alive with Life. A Medical Doctor’s Guide to Live Your Best Life. Dr. Epler is an internationally-known Harvard Medical School professor and opinion leader in health, nutrition, and work productivity. He is a bestselling author who has impacted the lives of people throughout the world through his speaking engagements, books and teaching.

  1. How to have a peak performance day?
  2. How to increase your productivity at work? (Hint – leadership traits of making immediate decisions, total responsibility, and unwavering commitment)
  3. What mistakes do people make when trying to live a healthier life?
  4. How do you adopt healthy behaviors and turn them into habits?
  5. (New) How to use the “Eplerian Philosophy” of living moment by moment? Hint: You can only be in one brain region at a time – stay in the good ones and get out of the bad ones, fast!

 “Executive Medicine Moment”

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 “Pressing Health”- Health news that’s fresh off the press.

Could the key to better performance be in sensory deprivation? A new study from the University of Maryland showed a week in the dark rewired the brain cell networks in mice. It actually increased their ability to learn through hearing. Basically, depriving one sense increases another, even if the deprivation is not permanent.


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