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Stay Young America!

Aug 13, 2020

Harry is a marketing consultant for M-Fit Supplements and “Nucleus Homeopathic”. He is a life-long Fitness Enthusiast. He also is a life-long Martial Artist, currently holding a 9th Degree Black Belt. Harry also attends and supports the worldwide A4M (American Academy for Anti-Aging Conferences). And is also engaged in Stem Cell Therapy. Harry also partners with Dr Robert Goldman, co-founder of A4M on several projects and is involved with the head of USC Cancer Research with new innovations in treatment for cancer.

Amongst Harry's many accomplishments, he has received the “Presidential Champion Award” as well as the “Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award”. Harry is an 18 Time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee and Multiple “Joey Award” recipient for Direction and Production of the first ever “Jimi Hendrix” Music Video and will be receiving The Action on Film Award on August 24th 2018.

  • 1:40 The importance of physical fitness when working as a stunt man 
  • 4:11 Training for films beforehand
  • 4:40 Injuries
  • 5:18 Experiences leading to film making
  • 9:48 Work on Netflix 'Animal Crackers'
  • 10:06 Physical vs. emotional trauma of stunt manning
  • 11:16 Importance of forgiveness
  • 11:39 Nutrition and exercise routine while maintaining a busy lifestyle
  • 17:31 Inspiration vs. intimidation when working with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone
  • 19:41 How martial arts impacted career
  • 21:33 Current work with anti-aging 
  • 25:00 Executive Medicine Moment
  • 25:56 What's next career wise
  • 27:44 Fresh Off the Press


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