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Stay Young America!

Oct 6, 2021

In a time when things seem tough – tougher than usual – we could all use a miracle. Our guest today says that miracles are more likely to happen when you’re active, not passive. In her book The Power of Miracle Thinking, Randy Peyser uses real stories to drive home the point that we can help write our future – that we can think our miracles into reality.

1:15 What's your story? Crappy to Happy

4:52 Miracle vs. positive thinking

5:22 Formula to miracles

9:15 Proceed “as if” stories 

13:00 What are divine threads?

14:46 How are thoughts are like fly paper?

17:32 Suze Orman story

21:32 Being passionately persistent with health and wellness.

22:15 Can people catch positivity and negativity?

23:04 Do you write your dreams down? 

25:05 Putting a monetary value on goals

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