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Stay Young America!

Oct 28, 2020

If stress and anxiety has taken over your life during this pandemic, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve brought on our special guest today, Mitchell Levy.  He's an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 850 books. Mitchell himself is a best-selling author of over 60 books. He's provided strategic consulting to hundreds of companies. Mitchell has been happily married for thirty years. To top it all off, he’s just released another book: Global Credibility Expert. You may have seen his TEDx talks. Mitchell’s interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility and now he has started a movement called Credibility Nation.

2:00 Stress during the pandemic

3:50 What are doctors seeing from those that aren't coping well with the business changes?

6:03 Living life credibly 

7:30 Authenticity in people when it comes to social media

8:55 Stress from social media 

10:20 Boundaries and credibility

12:23 What are techniques of living stress free using credibility?

18:50 Using a calendar tool to setup appointments

25:00 How are patients dealing with stress?

25:55 Importance of sticking to a schedule 

29:57 Figuring out who you are

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