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Stay Young America!

Aug 13, 2020

Scott Christian Sava is an fine artist, visual effects artist, illustrator, animator, director, writer, and producer. His latest work in which he was writer and director is 'Animal Crackers". Scott’s mission, simply put, is to make “the world a kinder, gentler place, one story at a time.” 


1:36 Why kindness matters in the world


2:45 People hiding behind computer screen


5:25 Can people really change?


6:12 The role of forgiveness


7:50 Link between kindness and health


9:05 Stress and health


14:39 The need for more positive and uplifting stories 


19:37 Advice for young adults


21:55 Creating Blue Dreams Studios


22:38 Animators working from home 


24:38 You can find 'Animal Crackers' on Netflix


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