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Stay Young America!

Mar 6, 2020

Today’s show is all about protecting yourself against the Coronavirus and other public health concerns.  DR. NIEUSMA is the CEO/Chief Toxicologist at Superior Toxicology & Wellness who we refer to as simply Dr. Joe is back to talk to us about staying healthy when illness seems to be all around. He has degrees in both biology and chemistry, as well as a PHD in pharmaceutical sciences. Dr. Joe’s also a leading expert on toxicology. And today, he’s right here on the Staying Young Show.  



  • (2:20) Stats on Coronavirus as of the recording of this show: 75,305 total cases, 2,014 deaths, 15,126 recovered. Leaving 58,165 still being investigated. 12,056 (21%) of those are in critical or serious condition.


  • (3:50) Preventing infection and what we need to know about this virus


  • (8:10) There are conspiracy theories out there, what does Dr. Joe believe? What do the rest of us believe? Where’s the truth? 


  • (10:23) Modern medicine's role in helping reduce infection and death rate. 


  • (12:55) Boosting immune system through supplements


  • (14:27) Health screenings at airports 



  • (22:30)"Executive Medicine Moment" At Executive Medicine of Texas we understand that knowledge is power. That’s why we assess each individual’s health and risk factors thoroughly before providing a road map to better health. Learn more about how you can take charge of your health at


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